SRPC 0102

May 27, 2010

Okay so yes the story had to be restarted, more like I had to completely re-vamp the story and even had a script for this one.

Fan Art and Submission

April 19, 2010

Well an artist expressed an interest in the job of drawing Shadow-Root but wound up having to back out.

You can find his work here:

Here is two of his pieces…

And here is his picture of Casey Cleaned up by me…

I really liked his concepts so I will be using his designs for the characters.

Shadow-Root TAS 2

March 11, 2010

Here are some of the other characters that will show up in the new Shadow-Root Comic..

Shadow-Root TAS

March 6, 2010

So last night at the Pronto Meeting, I was sketching out the characters of Shadow Root using the How to Draw Batman TAS as a reference. I think this came out pretty okay.

Another Casey

March 4, 2010


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