Genre: Supernatural
Period: Modern
Category: Action-Romance (Hentai)
Theme: “It takes a Monster to Kill a Monster.”

Kasey Cu-Culhain’s family was killed because of their greed and stupidity, now she has been sent to live with her mysterious “cousin” Branwen Mac-Balor who seems to have nefarious designs of his own for the poor girl. It turns out that her dear cousin is from a race of Ancient Giants called the Formorians. They are mean, angry and down right perverted. The thing is that Branwen is the protector of a small town called Shadow-Root. A place where may creatures long thought extinct live in peace and harmony. Well, as much harmony as you can have with Elves, Goblins, Vampires, Witches, Were-beasts, and Ghouls running around. The thing is, as mean as “Cousin Bran” can be sometimes, He can really be a nice guy to Kasey. Is it all for a show? And what about his creepy house keeper, Agatha Hotchkiss? Or his insanely jealous girlfriend, Cethlionna who likes to dress Kasey up either as a little doll or in some serious S&M gear or the Lesbian Monster Hunters out to find the killer of a rogue group of vampires? Although Kasey thought the death of her parents was the worse thing to happen to her, it was only the start of her increasingly interesting life.
This comic is rated NC-17 for graphic depictions of sexuality and violence.


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